The Journey of Life

As I go on writting my 3rd letter of the night, this one means the most to me. You are my sister, but you’re really much more than that. As I write this I’m picturing the universe, and eternity. Maybe that’s what I think of when I think of you. I see a galaxy of stars, each one distant from the other, but they all share something in common. Someone out in the world tonight will be looking at one of those stars, and all of them together, realizing the beauty of life. I can’t comprehend eternity, or the universe, but when I think of you I can create my own meaning to it. You will be by my side throughout my entire life and beyond that. Who knows what’s after life. You and I will find out together.

I have always leaned on you. My whole life i’ve never really done anything alone. I love having you by my side, because I know i’m not alone. Maybe that’s the real beauty of having a twin. Never being completly alone. I question why you and I are twins. Anyone can really be a twin, and I could’ve been twins with Sarah or you could’ve, but maybe we are twins, because without one another we’d be nothing. I think certain people I granted the power and magic of being a twin, because we share something that no one else does. Aside from birthdays we share an unknown, unseen, and unexplained connection to eachother and life. I look at myself as being lucky to have a twin, because when you really think about it, as much as we say we don’t like being twins it really is a magical thing that no one else will ever be able to understand. We finish eachothers sentences and say things at the same time, ane people don’t really understand and see how uncontroled, and unpredictable that is. We are of one body split into two. As weird as it sounds you are a part of me and I am a part of you, I just realized, maybe there is more to twins then just the physical connection. As weird as this sounds maybe spiritually our soles are of one that has been split. Yes everyone has there own soul, but what if our souls combined are perfect. like a pair of shoes that fit perfectly to your feet. or pants that wrap snuggle against your waist.

You and I are complete opposites, but we go perfectly together. I feed off your ideas and you of mine. I don’t think we could ever survive without one another. You’ve been there for me through everything, not just as a sister, but as a friend. You motivate me and inspire me in so many ways. You open my mind to knew things and introduce me to things I would never come across on my own. You helped me find myself and helped me grow throughout life. I look at life and families and realize I could have been born to any family, but there is a reason God put me here with you as my twin. We push eachother to keep going and that is essential to get through life. I know that you will be with me wherever we are in life, and you will always stand by me. We have lived through hell and we share a story like no other. One that has shaped us and molded us to who we are. Maybe part of the reason we had that childhood and experienced and saw all that we did was so that we could connect through eachother. We share the pain and scars that haunt us every day. The things we’ve had to witness are cruel for a child to see. It’s sickening thinking of it, but then I think of how we made eachother stronger as we stood by eachother through out life. We both went through our own hard times as well. I got bullied pretty bad and you were there to help me find my way out. The past few years you had trouble finding yourself and i’m the only one that never gave up on you and I never will.

We have our fights and we say we hate eachother, but when push comes to shove we would do anything for eachother. I love having you as a sister, and I love that we can hang out with friends and not even realize we are related. We can just chill as friends. You know me and understand me better than anyone in the family. Sure I get along with sarah and at times, it might seem like she is my favorite sister, but that’s not true. I don’t have a favorite sister, you both are so unique and I love you two to death. I might laugh with Sarah, but I would go to you before anyone else if anything ever happened. You and I truely do have a twin connection, and maybe that’s why mom and dad and Sarah just don’t understand us like we do. I ask you for opinions because I trust yours more than anyone elses.

You are the best twin I could ever ask for and you inspire me in so many ways. I see the galaxy when I think of you, because your open mind is as widespread, and ever going as the galaxy. You are one of those stars out there. So far away, but managed to be seen by everyone in the world. You fascinate people and no one ever knows what will happen next when it comes to you and your wild ideas. I love you, for you are my true sister. As weird as this sounds, eh maybe I shouldn’t say it. It sounds so weird. Well here it goes.. eh.. its really weird… eh. okay just so we get this straight. I dont normally think like this.. okay… here we go…. my blood runs through your body, and yours of mine. We are a true beautiful miracle, as we share the journey of life. <3



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