Music Is My Life

My entire life is dedicated to music, and the unbelievable art of it. Almost everyone says music is their life, but I feel like most people don’t really understand the true meaning of that. Music might be a persons life in the sense that they listen to it all the time, or they love it, and the most common reason as to why music is a persons life is because they use it to get away from their everyday problems. I feel like if everyone lives there own unique, individual life then why does everyone have the exact same thing to say about music. Maybe it’s because music is much more than just a sound, maybe it pulls people together in an unexplained, but yet uncontrolable way.

Music is a hidden connection between all people. We might not realize it, but we are all connected through music. In the car with a group of friends and everyone is shouting the lyrics to a song on the radio, or going to a concert and everyone is there for the same reason, to see the band they love. In my mind, there’s so much more to music than just what we hear and feel when we listen to it. Everyone has a different interest in music, like genre’s and better bands. A lot of people appreciate the music behind the vocals. To me there’s so much more to it then just lyrics and instruments. I believe music is in some insane way, magical…

The way instruments that are completly different can be combined and make an infinite variety of music is unbelievable. A guitar with six strings, sometimes more, and each string can be tuned individually to any pitch you can imagine, then just by placing a finger on a fret you have opened up a whole new world of music just in itself. The neck of a guitar is it’s own world of musical notes and rythms and melodies.

Then you have the bass, which like a guitar has strings, but only 4, and each string can be tuned to any pitch and you can change the notes by using frets. Although the guitar and bass are so similiar they both produce completly different sounds, and different worlds of playing, but yet somehow when you combine them they create the most amazing melodies together. Thogether they are like the stroke of a paint brush. So many bristles all put together to create one beautiful and important stroke that will eventually make a magnificent painting.

Of course the piano is one unique and important instrument. The keys on the piano open up possibly the largest variety of notes and chords that you could ever imagine. Each key has it’s own pitch, but when you combine it with any other key or multiple keys you can create infinite melodies, harmonies, and chords. With the piano you can express any emotion or thought through sounds, telling a story of your own through music by the use of notes.

The bottom of this musical instrument chain is my personal favorite instrument. The drum set. Although it doesn’t seem like it has such an open variety of notes and pitches and options like the bass and guitar, it really does, but in it’s own way. The drums have a way of bringing the drum into their own world, maybe because you litterally can’t hear anything else on the planet aside from what you are creating, but also because when you’re playing you know that everything else only exists, because you do. The drums create the beat to everything on this planet and beyond. Once you develop the skills a drummer needs you can create any rythm or beat imaginable. Ontop of that you also have pitches that you can incorprate into it and make beats with. The drums are what create the feeling of the song. When a song picks up you only notice it, because the drums pick up. You feel music through the drums even if you have no clue how to play. When you tap your foot to a song you’re tapping it to the beat of the drum.

Each instrument can tell it’s own story, the lyrics are only there so the writter can express their own purpose to the song, the reason they created it. The lyrics are what most people pay attention to, because it verbally gives a meaning. That’s where you find the difference between someone that “their music is their life” and someone that “lives for music”. I believe that people that say music is their life, probably mean the lyrics combined with the melody of a song. Now those that say they live for music probably mean the instrumental beauty created behind the lyrics of the song. Most people love music, but musicians appreciate the musical beauty that is created every time an artist creates a song. Music is an art, that’s why those that create it are called artists. So to wrap this up, music isn’t my life. I live for music


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