My Soldier

2 years ago I found out you were planning on joining the army. I begged you not to, and for 2 years I tried to talk you out of it. I even made a petition. I was nieve. Then a year ago you gave me the date of when basic training started. It was in a few months so I wasn’t panicking, but then it was just a few weeks. Finally it got to a few days. Even you admit those last 2 weeks were tough. I saw you the last day before you left for basic training. I hugged you so many times that day. I cried so hard. I remember texting you the day you were suppose to begin BT. The last text I sent you was “I’m going to miss you so much big brother” the last text you sent me was “I’m going to miss you too”. I spent 9 weeks missing you. Then you surprised me and showed up at homecoming game. I ran up so many bleachers. then fell into your arms. I cried. I wasn’t expecting you. You were the best surprise i’ve ever had. I love you, and thank you for all that you are doing for this country. I love you more than the world it’s self. You are my soldier, and my hero.


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