2011 Graduating Class

Okay. So. I don’t even know what to say. I went to graduation today, because I had to preform and it shook me up a bit. Watching the senior class of 2011 say goodbye to school and be free to do what ever they want for the rest of their lives. They don’t have to go to school anymore, or college, they can go become celebrities or live in Ireland. Who knows what they will end up doing. And some of those seniors are my best friends. I’m not ready to just say bye to them knowing I might not ever talk to them again. I don’t like the idea of going back to school in a few months and not seeing those seniors walking down the halls and going crazy on the hype squad at the football games.

More importantly though, watching the seniors graduate got me really thinking about my graduation, and listening to those phenomenal speeches made it even more overwhelming. One person was reminiscing on her first day of high school, and I realized that In a few years I will be looking back at this moment and be like “holy shit, i’m done. I always thought of this moment, but now it’s happening”. It’s kind of funny how that works. In the moment time seems to go by so slowly, but once you’ve gotten where you want to go you look back at the long journey and realize it went by so fast.

I don’t know where I’m going to be in 3 years when I graduate. I don’t know if I will go to college in Maine or Texas, or if I will even go to college. I don’t know what my friends will be doing. I’m scared we will all be so busy building our own lives we will forget about eachother. I have spent my entire life in the same pattern. I go to school every day, 5 days a week with the same people since kindergarten, but in 7th grade and 9th grade more people are added on, and every year school starts to soon, and drags on for what seems like forever. Then when the last few weeks are here we all transition to summer mode. Then we have summer then back to school, but once we graduate this pattern we’ve had since we were kids will end.

I realized as they were talking that when you graduate high school you now have the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want. You can go live your life the way you want. You aren’t legally forced to go to school. When you graduate you can go ski will penguins in Antarctica, and ride elephants in Africa. When they started calling names and handing out diplomas that’s when I was like “woah”. When I take that walk up that stage to meet my principal for the final time and I grab that diploma, I am free. Everything up to that moment doesn’t matter anymore, because at that moment I am accepting the responsibility of controlling and creating my life from there on out. Not only am I being free from school, but from my parents. When I graduate that shows that I am ready to go out on my own and when I make a mistake well I have no one to blame but myself and holy shit that scares me.

I’m going to miss the seniors so much, and I realized that today was the last time the class of 2011 will ever be in the same school all together. Friends might never talk to each other again, maybe not on purpose, but just inevitable fate. Who knows where everyone will end up. From here on out the class of 2011 isn’t a class anymore, they are individuals entering the world with nothing, but about to build there own unique lives, and I might not ever see them again…

So this message is to you guys. The graduating class of 2011, the best senior class I could have ever dreamed of walking into my first year of high school with. You all are amazing and I love you guys. You all have taught me so much this year, from true friendship to the difference between knowledge and intelligence. I will miss you guys so much and when I walk into school next year I can promise you that nothing will be the same. You all created some amazing memories, and my freshman year of high school would never had been so great if it wasn’t for all of you. My section leaders were so great that I almost want to quit band, because they wont be there again next year. I walked into high school knowing more seniors than any other class, and I really do love you guys. No senior class can ever beat how amazing you guys are. Just like Jack said today, You’re one hell of a class 2011 ♥


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