I Don't Think I Mind Change

That's Why I Think I Don't Mind Change

Those who have given me advice in life have shaped me. “The important thing I want you to get out of this are life skills and the impression you leave on people” Sonia Castrejon
Change goes hand in hand with the new and the beginning. Whenever change goes by me, its found a way to penetrate and move within me. Like the way a chef makes his favorite food and enjoys the critique saying, delicious! Or the team that makes it to finals and is telling the story of how he remembers winning. It forever moved these people, just like I forever was changed.
People I have been acknowledging my whole life is the ones that are tied to the biggest thanks I owe them. Most importantly I have to give credit to three major people. My first swim coach, my elementary school teacher, and my sister.
My elementary school teacher because she put up with me for one entire year taking my Spanish. I entered elementary school without knowing a single word of English, her name was Ms. Morris. She taught me all my English, with words and after school tutoring she got through to me. To me she was like an angel, although I was mad and cried that she didn’t understand I wanted to play outside sometimes. She gave me something no person not even at church or swim practice gave me. A special kind of care, I was like a baby in need. Of course for me it was completely awkward to come into class and sit in a room where no one understood what I was saying, other then when I laughed or hang gestures I made. My year went by lonely, but I learned to communicate. In an environment with so many English-speaking kids, I navigated a tough year through songs and writing my name correctly. I also learned not to eat playdo because it was salty. Until the end of the year came, I learned the importance of letting go. She assured me I would still see her in the hall, and that her door would always be open for a quick talk. It was never enough after that; she ended up having a baby and getting married. Never saw her again. She gave me the gift of keep trying you’ll get it right.
My second is my swim coach because he was so nice and at the same time pushed me to do the best I could, making me one of the top swimmers in my age. What I felt like, he was making me one in a million. He gave me the gift of dedication. I was given a spot to compete at national level. With only four hours I was tired with his workouts. Spending my Saturdays at the beach running, enjoying my time being the youngest kid there as well as being a girl. I thing that’s why I was his favorite, he saw I had pure wish to be the best I could be. With that I went far, shooting for everything and anything, almost like he gave me wings to fly. Except since it was swimming it was more like fins. His name was Renee, he was an Olympic swimmer for México for years, and I swam with all the big kids. No I wasn’t the fastest compared to them but I was definitely better then the other kids at junior level. No one thought I would be making it to Saturday practices or Saturday swim meets. Until they found out I was really good, not even my parents knew. Until they saw me swim like a mermaid underwater. What my mother called me. In time he left because of pools closing all over the city, with that the best coach anyone could possibly think off. He really pulled strings with my team, barely being paid yet giving us full dedication. Practicing until it was late at night, until my team was the last one to leave the pool. That was Renee and not to get other coaches mad but he was the best coach, never meet any that are better.
The third person is my sister. Yeah kind of cheesy but true, she gave me the gift of independence in a whole new way. See I thought it was just independence like, make yourself different in a way that makes you fit in too. I guess I was wrong, she taught me independence was the art of making a choice without anyone judging you and you not caring at all. She taught me that the moment I cared is the moment I gave in to their judgment. That was what changed, and it did. At first it was hard because I didn’t understand, but when I saw her walk away from something she didn’t like or from a problem she knew was going to be filled with problems. That empowered me to move my whole perspective into something new and more realistic for me. This was the breakthrough of my true nature, which actually just came out. She helped me realize that one of the most important lessons in life is to stop wearing masks. Don’t fake who you are, it only makes you more complicated and hard to keep track of yourself. She said, Karen if you want to continue this path its up to you but the one I show you involves your choices not the people that are judging you’s choices. So I took a step into what I found out was right there in front of me. Myself. The power you give yourself through others. The way they look at you is the way your treat them. So I stopped listening to critiques in a negative sense, took it as positive. Yes it really hurts to be told some things but you only allow them to come in. You. Not them. You. That was something I was told never taught to actually put in practice. It can take you years to learn this, me it only took a talk from the girl that had started with a different life then mine, and took a normal girl like me into a place where I never thought I could ever reach.
To them go my deepest feelings, and I sincerely thank them for there change.
That’s why I don’t think I mind change because in return you learn a new lesson, it can hurt, be difficult or take time. No matter what though, you need to go through it. My recommendation: try not to do it alone.


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