Kennith Juliet Bleu

I always have more to come.

Nothing you will read here will be substantial enough to grasp any idea of my true personality. But then its not about personally anymore is it? NO. Now it's about what it takes to be heard. To get seen. Just to do enough for what? 5 minutes of fame. You name down in a book. That's great. I, on the other hand, don't want it. I don't need the bright lights or flashing sighs. Open doors nor welcome carpets.
It's not that I'm aiming low to avoid disappointment. Quite the opposite in reality. I have goals. Which I'm happy to say do not include glitter and gold. Actually Digi-tech and combat boots. This pretty little face wants to be in the army. But not to go to war. Even though I have a decent shot, I'd rather shoot up anesthesia. That's what I'm going to do.
No fashion in that. I feel that America is too fixed by beauty. Too tucked in by outer the "perfections" we "need". But as were so quick to jump on a serial rapist and put in jail a psychotic murder. The worlds ugliest beasts. I feel that beauty is the beast in-which the world allows to go untamed.
I'm just waiting to hear that cellulite is illegal. And for the world to tell me I'm not "right". Well except K. R. Woodard. He's my, three month down and rest of life to go, boyfriend. We have big hopes if you can't tell. He want's to be an Army Ranger. I know he could do it. I believe in him just as much as he does in me. That's why we work. he helps me work.
I've been through rough patches and down slides. And every time his helpful rope comes down. We've shared tears, laughs, and kisses. I love you, need you, and misses. All the while sharing our lives. So here I am. Sharing the hi-lights of my life with you.


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