Can't help buy eat everything visible

It's not just a dish. It's the stuff of dreams. It's the food of the gods. It's what's for dinner!!!

Can’t help but eat everything visible
By William Sampson
Hi my name is William Sampson, and this is my Story…. Everyone has the same schedule as me; Get up, Eat breakfast, Do something for 4 hours, Eat lunch, Do something for another 6 hours, and finally eat dinner! Even though I do the exact same things as my peers, people look at me like if I stick out of the crowd. It is not my appearance, or even how I act, it is because I have a big appetite. People usually look at me weird, because I eat so much, and yet I look like I haven’t even gained a pound!!! I usually say “It’s because I have a fast metabolism”. A specific example of when I last ate a ton was 2 days ago.
Two days ago… My parents and I were setting up for dinner, and we were having lasagna. I was super excited that we were having my favorite meal. As quoted from Garfield “It's not just a dish. It's the stuff of dreams. It's the food of the gods. It's what's for dinner!!!” The fresh smell of the fresh hot lasagna coming out of oven was tingling all my senses in my mouth. The smell of all the different cheeses stacked on top of steaming hot tomato sauce and swished together by several flat pieces of pasta. It was a piece of art calling my name to devour it. It made its self to the table. The pan containing the lasagna was 18” by 12”. The plates were passed out to the family. It was time to dig in I started severing myself; I started by grabbing the biggest piece of lasagna. I finished the piece of lasagna like if I was inhaling air itself. I grabbed for another piece. My dad said wow that went fast if is like you have a hollow leg! My mom asked what a hollow leg was. I explained that a hollow leg is an expression that people use by saying that is where they store there food, so they eat a lot. Like if I was a Black Hole! My parents were laughing while I was still stuffing my face with more food. I was grabbing for thirds my dad said “Wow slow down I still on my first course and you’re on third serving. I said “I cannot help it is it just my nature I Can’t Help But Eat Everything Visible. He laughed and went back to eating his food. I knew if I grabbed for another piece that he would say something again so I waited for him to look down before I grabbed for another piece. My mom saw me and did not say anything about it but went back to her food and was shaking her head. I wolfed down that piece before my dad realized that I picked up another piece. After waiting a couple minutes and having a several drinks of chocolate milk, my dad finally let me have the final piece of lasagna. After all of that food I was still hungry so I ate a several bananas. After eating all that I was still hungry.
After hearing my story, next time you see me at lunch you should offer your food to me if you are willing to share your food.


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