To me, all waves are overhead.

White walls. Tiled floors. The constant flickering of hospital lights on and off the anxious faces in the waiting room. The dull eerie silence being broken by the slow respiration of an unconscious expecting mother, but a larger problem waits outside the hospital bed. The doctor speaks to a man about his child; he states, “There are complications with your son, he needs to come out now or we will lose both him and your wife.” The man is awestruck and asks the doctor, “Why so early? Its two months before he is due!”, but to no avail the doctor explains to the man that his spouse is sick and that his son’s health is in jeopardy. “Your son hasn’t been in the womb long enough, he’ll be born without lungs. Dead.” The man’s face changed to disbelief and he proclaimed, “My family has never lost a child and we won’t today.”
There was an unsettling silence in the waiting room amongst the other family members. A sense of dread and loss enveloped them as time began to create thoughts of a grim outcome, not the man who still struts around the waiting room expecting his soon to be born son, videotaping his relatives in ecstatic anticipation. Then all of the sudden, a loud cry from a small, small child is heard throughout the room. The new father rushes in to see his son, a mere 2 pound 2 ounce child with not a single drop of fat on his body. So small all his fingers cling to the pinky nail of his still unconscious mother. The nurses and doctor place him into a small bed and keep him at the hospital for two months. He begins to grow bigger and is finally permitted to leave the hospital with his parents and continue onto his new life as a normal child.
I was truly lucky to live through my birth and am thankful everyday that I continue to live and breathe. I have the privilege to go where I want and to expand my understanding of the world I almost missed out on. I get to go to the beach regularly and think about how lucky I am to be here.
This experience has led me to believe that I should be happy with who I am and how I am, because honestly, I am lucky to just be here! I have been through a lot growing up as a smaller kid. I was always picked on and bullied for my height. But I don’t let it affect me, it’s who I am and I accept that. So much in fact that ill poke fun at it. Life is what you make it and I choose to make it positive and entertaining. I’ll keep making my life at the beach fun and engaging because, to me, all waves are overhead.


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