Life's more fun in my head

Sometimes I want to believe life can be like the movies, but movies are scripted and planned every second, and in life you can’t control people.

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” – Jamie Paolinetti
Life’s more fun in my head
Without a doubt imagination is way better than reality. You can control everything to happen the way you want and no one can tell you anything. Whether you’re wishing your life was based on a movie or even having your alter ego as Beyoncé would say, “everyone needs to bring out their inner Sasha Fierce”. I picture things in my head sometimes whether its from TV shows or movies I feel like that is how I set my standards for things.
From the moment I turned fourteen it hit me that I wanted to have a quinceañera. It was towards the middle of eighth grade when my older friends started turning fifteen and having these huge parties with big, fancy dresses. I knew it was part of the Mexican tradition for the girls that were turning fifteen to have a quinceañera but I just thought it was stupid. For the longest time I have always said no to everyone who ask me if I was going to have one. Every time someone would ask me how old I was they would tell my parents to start saving money for my quince, and trust me when I say- it got old. I didn’t like the fact that you have to go to church, wear a white dress and wear heels. I knew it wasn’t me
As I went to my friends parties, I noticed my mom kept bringing up that she never had a quinceañera and she would like me to have my own. My friends told me how much fun they had at theirs and now wish they could have another one. So, when I told my mom I wanted a quinceañera she was thrilled. When it came down to the actual planning my mom and I had a few differences. I had been watching “Sweet 16” on MTV for a while and there was an episode where the girl had a mardi-gras themed party, but in my mind I had turned it into a mascarade ball.
I had this big idea of everything that my party was going to be, down to the last detail. I knew how the decorations were going to be in the exact spot, where the people were going to sit, to where my table was going to be. I felt that I had already lived the party in my head and I was going to do it again in real life. In the show, the girls would get anything they wanted for their party, therefore I got the idea it would work for me too.
Everything that I saw in shows about quinces and sweet sixteen’s, I would somehow alter it in my head to be something different I imagined what I thought one of the best parties my friends and family ever been too. There were balloons in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, everyone was in mascarade ball attire wearing formal outfits with different masks. That’s when reality hit me, my mom pointed out half of the things I want to do aren’t going to happen because they were too expensive or not possible. She put it in perspective that I can’t do things like set such a detailed dress code and expect everyone to be wearing masks, and I can’t control when people get there and where they sit. The day of my party the decorators placed everything in different places, I couldn’t control where people were sitting and my table was facing an awkward angle. Not knowing what to do it really annoyed me throughout the night having to ignore it. I didn’t understand why life’s was always more fun in my head. Reality just couldn’t compare.
Now I start to realize that media creates illusions in young peoples head’s to make them think it could really happen. Like a movie, I feel things should always be really interesting, there should be a beginning where nothing happens and it’s all leading towards the middle when everything exciting is happening, and the end where you wish that could happen again. Sometimes I want to believe life can be like the movies, but movies are scripted and planned every second, and in life you can’t control people.


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