I was named after a bird

My name, "Paloma" means dove in Spanish. I've never really thought much of it, although growing up I received the occasional compliments on how unique or pretty of a name it was. throughout middle school the name would get me generalized as Mexican for my name's somewhat exotic sound, when in all actuality I was half Peruvian. This left somewhat of a negative connotation with my name in my own mind only because I wasn't being recognized as the individual who I truly was.
I was named Paloma but I have been given quite a few nicknames. They have ranged from "Point Loma" to "Pallama" to "Pal-oma" but never have I really liked any nicknames that were given to me; for this reason I've always had acquaintances and classmates call me by my actual name,Paloma, instead of silly nicknames that do not reflect my trueself.
It wasn't until my brother let me tag along one day to hang out with him and his pals that I got a nickname that actually stuck. Surprisingly enough, it had nothing to do with my birdlike name.
Other than my brother there were four of his friends, and they were all band mates.We all weren't super acquainted, so I felt rather intimidated by their tall statures, tattoos, and copious amounts of facial hair. They were also significantly older, so it was like a toddler hanging out with grade school children. Upon greeting one of them, I was called "prospect" instead of Paloma, and the whole rest of the day that was my name; I was the smaller female version of them, (minus the facial hair). I was the prospective member of the group, and we all thought it was quite funny. And above all, I was content that my new acquaintances hadn’t a single comment on my avian name that they knew as Paloma.
The nickname of “prospect” just kind of stuck, and we all became more acquainted over time. It turned into almost a game, I would be prospect for a year and then a member of their club of band mates-which probably wasn't a club at all. But in exchange I got the perks of being "prospect", unconditional protection from bullies and tough customers, and ultimately a cool sounding nickname.
I've been prospect for about half a year now, and it's almost become more than just a nickname. we've all grown closer and the ones who gave me that name are now my closest of friends ,almost like an extenuation of my family. I'll be sad when I'm just Paloma again, even though I'll be one of the gang. When people ask me if I have a nickname I often have to explain why I am called prospect instead of “bird”, “dove”, or any other bird related- nickname. They call me prospect but I will always be the girl with the name I was born with, and I was named after a bird.


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