So very afraid of the dark.

It’s a very normal night. We are in our room listening to music dancing as we are getting ready for bed. All of our worries are gone with the night, and time is ticking away until bedtime. Then it hits us, it’s really time to go to bed. We are both tired. Exhausted. My sister shuts down the computer, and we hop in to bed, eager to sleep. The door is shut and the only light in the room is the light coming from the light in the hall. It is seeping in through the crack from the bottom of the door. The inch of light is soothing. It’s like a safety blanket.
Soon enough I can feel we’re both falling asleep. Drifting in and out of consciousness. We were almost to dreamland, but then there’s an interruption. It’s a noise. It was kind of like the rustling of leaves. The noise sneaks into my dream like a flood and chases me out of dreamland.
Now I am up. I am contemplating what that noise could have been. I look at my sister she seems not to have heard it. Thinking it was just someone in the hall, I lay back down. As the feeling of security is almost in full effect, another noise permeates my ears. Something heavier, maybe a book or a heavy boot slamming into the ground. I can’t really recognize this noise.
I sit up yet again look at the door. I look at the crack of light coming from the hall it looked undisturbed. This seems to calm me, making me feel as if maybe everything was okay. It made me feel like I could try to go to sleep again. I mean the light was undisturbed. But just as quickly as the light calmed me, there’s no more light. The crack of light that has seemed to be my savoir is now gone. My room, our room was now in complete darkness.
Then there’s footsteps. They start to trickle down the hall. I’m scared enough that there’s no more light. But the footsteps are like slow shuffles, Listening in you could hear that they were moving toward the end of the hall. The foot steps were heading to my room. As it gets closer, the trickles of steps get heavier. Having realized that these footsteps are headed towards me, and my sister I feel that it was time to wake her up. I wake her up she sits next to me and we sit there as fear engulfs us both. But as these steps get louder that feeling of being terrified begins rushing in.
Right now I was scared of the dark, so very scared of the dark. As fast as all of this happened, it gets even worse. The door is starting to open. The sound of the door opening alerts my sister and I. We bolt up, and we scramble to the far edge of the bed. The door hits the wall behind it, and there it was.
There was something in the dark that I couldn’t see. A figure that neither of us seemed to recognize. It was creeping toward us. As my eyes adjust to the dark, I can almost see the features of this unknown figure. In panic, I grab my blanket. I throw it over us. I’m scared, my sister is scared, and the fear of this unknown figure, at this point is overwhelming. You can feel our hearts pounding, and all we are thinking is he could kill us. At this point I’m screaming, my sister is screaming, and the unknown figure, starts to talk. Deep, intimidating, and scary. Like a magic trick he pulls the cover off, and I can see his face now or more like its face. This creep of a figure, is dark and green, teeth shaped like fangs that could rip through skin, eyes sunken in to his misshapen face.
The darkness and him and this fear was making us even more scared. I mean looking at his face, he couldn’t just kill us, it could eat us. This scary figure could eat me and my sister.
As the tears were about to roll from the eyes of me and my sister. The darkness goes away. Someone has turned on the light in our room. As quickly as we were afraid, we’re not anymore. We see what we were afraid of. W see what real creature it. We were afraid of my brother in a mask. It was like the light illuminated not just our room, but the fear filling us both. This creep of a figure, and fear only worsened by darkness, it’s gone. It’s really gone. When the lights turned on, everything wasn’t so scary. Everything is okay.


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