I Just Want to Be Successful

July 22nd, 2011. San Diego, CA. Comic-Con is now on its second day. I woke up in the morning with a backpack filled with items and a head full of dreams rushing through my head. “This could be it DJ, you could meet the person that is going to change your life”, I kept thinking to myself.
Around the summer of 2010 I had an epiphany, and that epiphany became my sole purpose of living. This girl I met in my sophomore year of high school had a lot in common with me… We both loved celebrities, and I was addicted to E! News; from watching E! News, it was evident from there that I knew I wanted to become a celebrity correspondent/TV host (i.e. Ryan Seacrest; E! News & American Idol). Ironically enough my friend wanted to become a celebrity publicist, and after taking a trip to LA in the summer of 2010 we knew that was the life we wanted to live. We were willing to work ourselves into the ground to get where we needed to be and to this day, the pinnacles I plan to reach are what keep me motivated. “I Just Want To Be Successful”, is all I kept thinking.
Comic-Con is four days out of the year where celebrities have a reason to take that ~two hour drive down from Los Angeles to San Diego. My friend and I had always been talking about going to comic-con and this year we had scored tickets. I had already known this was going to be a huge media event and a business venture for me. Day one was extremely successful for me; actor Dominick Monaghan one of the leads of Lord of The Rings and LOST was conducting an interview with G4TV. To be honest, I didn’t care about this actor, I could have easily asked for a picture with him as many people were crowded around the interview waiting for it to end, to get a picture with him. I cared about the guy interviewing the actor, and sure enough the guy was one of the most awesome people I have met to this day. After giving me his business card and inviting me to see a taping of a show I grew up watching on G4TV called “Attack of the Show” I didn’t believe what had happened was real.
It was the morning still and I was on my mission; I was with two friends but I didn’t want them to waste all of their time on me so we split up. I was waiting for them by the Hasbro stand, when I saw a crew for younghollywood.com. The crew looked like they embodied the very essence of “Hollywood”. I approached them; I was slightly nervous but really confident “Hi, I’m sorry can I have a few seconds of your time? My name is Deandre Matthews, I am 16 and have a passion for broadcast journalism, is there any advice you can give me?” They immediately answered “No! We aren’t busy” and started to answer a few questions I had about what it was like working in the industry. They were extremely friendly, I took a picture with the correspondent (who also is a correspondent for fuel.tv & a stylist) and they were off.

Later that day, as I was looking for my friends outside of the convention center I ran into them again. This time, they seemed even friendlier than before and said “Would you like to be our Intern/PA for the day? While we go interview Comedians Nick Swardson and Aziz Ansari” I immediately said “Sure!” I immediately recognized the name Aziz Ansari but didn’t really recognize the name Nick Swardson. I didn’t really know of younghollywood.com at the time, and I think the production manager knew that since she started to tell me about the company. We kept walking and arrived at a theatre in downtown, San Diego. Once inside the theatre the comedians starring in the new movie “30 minutes or less” were inside talking to friends/professionals. Actually, they didn’t get noticed until we started the interview when someone yelled “Nick Swardson!” It was insane, within 2 minutes of starting the interview random people had cameras and everyone was taking a picture, you could definitely tell the star power of these two comedians would be something you could only see in New York or LA. Everything seemed extremely unreal; I kept thinking I was going to wake up any second from this dream.
After the interview, younghollywood.com gave me a business card and made sure they had all my business info so we could work again in the future. What they loved most, is that I was aggressive and confident and wasn’t afraid to take that risk and talk to them. They wanted to interview me and give me a younghollywood.com hat, however we both forgot about this, and parted ways. Of course they were intimidating! They were professionals working in the industry that so many people fail to get into. Nonetheless they were really awesome people! I am excited to work with them in the future and see the opportunity that they will provide me. I had absolutely nothing to lose if they didn’t give me the time of day, however I had much to gain from taking the chance that they might be interested in me!

July 24th, 2011. San Diego, CA. Comic-Con is now on its final day. It was 3:30 AM and as I was waiting in line, reminiscing on my awesome experience. Thinking about all of the endless possibilities that could happen next year.


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