My Parents Have Crazy Hippie Values

It was December 8th 1993 and the hippies of San Diego all congregated at 3409 Conrad avenue for the birth of Shea Sjoberg. With their greasy long hair and bare feet they all gather in the living room with the midwives around the birthing tub. My mom was in labor sitting naked in the tub, she didn't mind that everyone was watching because she is a hippie and hippies are weird like that.
My parents decided to have me at home because they did not believe in the use of hospitals and medicines to give birth. My mom did not take any drugs to make giving birth any less painful and to this day she still says it was the greatest experience of her life.
My god father and namesake Peter Shea was filming the intriguing event. A film that sadly got lost (actually I’m happy it got lost cause that would be disgusting). Even the big German shepard Friday was right there to watch all the action.
The hippies burned sage in the room to cleanse it so that I would be brought into a clean environment. Then the real action started and my mom began giving birth. All the hippies were so joyfully watching as the midwives slowly pulled me out of my mother.
As the hippies burned their sage to cleanse the environment for me to be brought in to, the midwives pulled me out of my mother and i breathed in my first breath that smelled like patchouli oil. From then on I have had my parents with crazy hippie values.


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