Sold my soul to the sea.

I’m in love with a lady as old as the earth; yet, despite her age she’s so full of life. Unlike most, she’s forever beautiful and ever-changing, I’ve spent a lot of years trying to be comfortable around her but she always surprises me. Some of the best days of my life involve her, as do some of my worst. She’s managed to ruin my chances of success by consuming me; I’m always thinking about her. Yet she never thinks about me. She doesn’t even know my name but I’m still drawn to her. She often beats the living hell out of me for no particular reason, but I still love her. She’s taken everything from me but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. My poor mother often tries to keep me from her because she knows this can’t be healthy but no one could possibly keep me from her. Absolutely nothing is keeping me from my lady, my lady that is formally known as the sea.
I first came in contact with the sea at the age of one when my mother picked me up and placed me in her unfamiliar waters. I didn’t protest being placed in the water but I also didn’t think anything of it, though at age one I didn’t really think anything of anything. It wasn’t until a few years later that my love began to develop. A certain wanderlust to explore the coast was beginning to consume me, the inexplicabilities of the sea left me with a constant crave to learn its wisdom bearing secrets. I needed to familiarize myself with the sea; I needed to love the sea with all my heart so that the sea would love me back. Little did I know that the sea rarely loved back; the sea was much more a brutal soul snatcher than a lover. But I didn’t know this; I wasn’t able to realize the sea’s strength. I was merely a young child with an ego so big I thought I could conquer anything; the world was mine according to me. It wasn’t until a few years later, after spending years relentlessly trying to prove myself to the sea that I realized the sea conquers all. No-thing and no-body will ever conquer the sea; especially not me. I, like any good fool does, tried to face the fiercest of all monsters with little experience. I really should have known better, it took me until the age of 17 to realize what a chump I had been. But it was too late, I had already been conquered by the sea, I, just like thousands of other souls who had been exposed to the sea’s rawness, now belonged to the sea. She had left her mark on me and there was no turning back from there. I had sold my soul to the sea and there was nothing I could do to reverse it. My life will eternally involve the sea, I will always be surrounded by folks with the same story as me, I will always be late to school and put off assignments because of the sea, I will always, always put the sea first for the simple reason that she keeps me grinning and sane. The sea will forever be all I need and because of her I may never be a rich man, I may never find myself with a ring on my finger and a home with a loving wife, I may never even have a place to call home but at least I will have the occasional salty sea tale for the nephews.


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