attempting We

In the beginning...
there is You.
there is Me.
attempting We.

gentle conversation. sweet, lingering touch.
exploring the possibility for becoming We.

You becomes you.
Me becomes me.
growing possibility for becoming We.

more touch, less conversation.
you still you; me still me.
some struggle with unity.
necessary for becoming We?

festering fear, doubt and insecurity.
conversation grows in volume!
the you becomes YOU!
the me becomes ME!
injuring We.

some recognition, some prayer;
with forgiveness grows security.
the YOU modulates to You.
the ME tempers to Me.
hope restored for the We?

Over time....
evidence of fear is still lurking.
inability to marry the Me into You
and the You into Me.
failure to nurture the We.

fear blocks conversation. pride prevents touch.
prayer for change in the other...
too blind to forgive You. too blind to forgive Me.
abandoning We.

acceptance of reality.
We has lost priority.
You have remained You.
Me has remained Me.

In the end....
self-centeredness murdered the we.


i am on marriage number three. need i say more?


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