i find the fact that there are so many people-less homes while there are so many home-less people ludicrous and shameful.

here i stand:
... stately, strong, solid and still...
so still that it becomes deafening at times.
a hollow, resounding, bellowing void.

... as ceiling meets roof soaring high - proudly brandishing the brave facade worn by one who has perched precariously on top, all the while hiding in its eaves the rumination of the lacking social in its structure.
... as rafters, gone batty, audibly groan their displeasure, struggling to settle with the engulfing, suffocating loneliness that permeates throughout.
... as unpolished floors remain supportive, unyielding: despite the absence of wax and footfalls which bestow luster and meaning.
... as spacious spaces, nestled inside, echo their yearnings to hold life within, eager to womb melodies of conversation, laughter and tears.
... as walls, mute in voice and attire, covet past whispered secrets and stand blank with despair: silently screaming for expression... perhaps a cloak of semi-gloss accented with gems of photographs, crayola masterpieces and sticky hand prints would do.
... as unfulfilled closets churn within my bowels; barren and emptied... yet still heaving with the exhausting efforts of purposeless existence.
... as porcelain fixtures, long since hushed, stand ready... gathering dust... relentless reminders to the once glistening copper plumbing of their unneeded vascular works.
... as unadorned, unblinking windows and doors behold the divine gardener's handiwork and make futile attempts to quiet lustful desires to serve as portals to his sensory delight.
... as the blossoming foliage bursts forth with its palette of iridescent hues; spilling forth its sweet fragrance... sprawling and crawling over weed strewn ground.
... meandering and maneuvering its agile appendages up sun-blistered siding
... creeping... now cascading over a slightly decaying, grinning picket fence
... probing and searching in its quest to secure adoring glances.
... life seeking life... but none is found here.
... for here i stand:
lifeless. useless. people-less.
... and i query. "why? why must i, a house of such potential and stature remain vacant and forlorn? why must i, a house filled to the rafters with such longing to be called home remain abandoned and forgotten, left to perish and rot alone?"
... and as i wait for the answers to come, i further muse...

"am i the only such shelter that stands:
... stately, strong, solid and still...
so still that it becomes deafening at times.
a hollow, resounding, bellowing void.

~teri (mulvaney) porter © 1999 tucson, az


this is a watercolor painting of a vacant house that i created for the 1999 hearth foundation silent auction in tucson, az. the purpose of the auction was to raise money for the homeless.

in the personification that was written to accompany the painting, the house laments its current lonely, vacant existence. the empty house yearns to once again house a family and find purpose.


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