I've seen it.

The ignorance is a masturbating whale, just an eye sore of various sorts.

I've seen the ignorance rising over rooftops,
calling for emergency helicopters and rescue.
It's taken over like a tropical awakening and is
illuminating itself on a stage for all to see.
The selfishness is combusting and
only starving for more and more.
Give me light or let me go home.
I cannot stand for this any longer.
The shins of each member being kicked
by a driven force and faltered to be left.
Twitching, and trying to regain stability,
it pulls back up onto its own feet.
The ignorance is a masturbating whale,
just an eye sore of various sorts.
Flexible to begin with, as it gains soldiers,
the forces are unbearable and there are no
walls strong enough to withstand their blow.
We cannot hold back any longer.
The soundtrack, be it thunder clapping or
marching drums, resonates before the mass
and it manifests like dirty gossip.
It's hypocritical and proves itself wrong in every
argument, yet it's far from withering.
I've seen it...I've seen it!
The ignorance grows and it destroys
races, cities, peoples, and civilizations.
Hesitation is not in the vocabulary of the meek.
This submissive behavior is one that proves
hard to ever overthrow or conquer and sin is
the cauldron from which this was brewed.
This bigot nature is far from attractive and
not a hint of it turns me on in any fashion.
My lights are shut off in a house of unacceptance
of the unknown and I don't even pay the rent.
Somehow it keep sheltering me, caging me in
with four plastered white walls, leaving no shadow.
There is no room for inspiration in this house.
There are no windows nor any outlets.
Where are the doors? Where do I get out!?
I've seen it all, but this is far too much for virgin eyes.
A complete outrage is what all of this is, oh yes.
I've seen the ignorance. I've seen it.


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