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I have China on my Back

June 9, Queen's Birthday holiday in the land of Australia
Fly to Beijing via Air China

The fact that the flight was relatively not full did nothing to reduce the noise level – seems always so whenever there are a big number of chinese passengers. Adults talked recklessly loud while keeping the stewardesses on their toes. Babies cried non-stop to their hearts’ content, taking pleasure to abuse the ears of the adults who had nowhere to duck for the next eleven hours. Yes, thus is the reality of the Economy Class in a Chinese aircraft, the most effective damper to any sense of romance one has projected on travel! Only one should really stop complaining when it's the cheapest and most affordable airfare one can score. So far, the trip proved to be another of those paradox whenever China is concerned. We, the West, the maker of this cheap and affordable China, have always disgusts with it wholeheartedly.

Sleepless. The Entertainment program was two months old (I knew because I took the same flight back in April).
Can't read either. So let my mind wander until settle on the devastating earthquake in Sichuan. It then occurred to me that no matter how unbearable my current environment was, I was still lucky -- to be alive, a factor that is too common to engage people's attention. It also occurred to me that many of these noise-makers might have made a generous donation to the Earthquake Relief, something my righteous self hadn't done enough.
Yes, I was truly surprised by the outpouring compassion the Chinese people have displayed, something I, like most folks in the West don’t reckon even existing in this heartland of ‘communism' that is speeding its way down the path greedy and corrupt 'capitalism''. Another paradox when China is concerned!
(I can’t help but recall the disgraceful New Orleans Rescue after Hurricane Katrina operated by the government of the United State, my government. Being labeled by the convincing motto of ‘By the people and For the People’, so far and so many things it has carried out have proved the ‘Entity’ is really ‘By the money and For the money’! Just check out who benefits most out the costly Iraq war – the oil and contracted reconstruction companies, and who profits most out of the skyrocketing oil price -- the Oil Industry, the backbone of the current administration, is to be blamed for the high surcharge upon the airline tickets -- the reason I had to choose Air China’s Seasonal Special.)

Only my brief reconciliation with Chinese didn’t last. My disgust toward my fellow passengers was rekindled by their careless ways about the toilets. There were clear signs of their incapability of aiming their certain body parts on the right spots. The bowls, sinks and floors are so soiled that I nearly vomited while having to release myself. I wished I had carried an adult diaper like the love-distraught female astronaut of Nasa was alleged to.

Stepping out of the smelly and murky zone of the toilet, I wondered if those fervent advocates on China's Becoming Democratic Quickly had been aware of such a factor. Do they know the danger that once involving these primitive folks into our grand ideological scheme, it might be the end the golden era of democratic clean toilets? People, think twice!

The journey ahead is still substantially long. While praying God -- note I'm only religious when in desperation to hold off my bladder's processing function, I start to dwell on the long existing puzzle: why is that I always have China on my back?


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