26 Years in a Summary

Yes, Dad. Yes, Mom. Yes, Sis A. Yes, Sis B.
Yes, I will play tennis. Yes, I will swim. Yes, I will take piano lessons.
Yes, I did not do good enough on the test. Yes, I need to study harder.
Yes, journalism major will be a waste of my time. Yes, I will pick a more practical major.
Yes, I will work for this company. Yes, I will learn as much as I can so one day I can start my own business.
Yes, it is a good idea to go to China to learn Chinese.
Yes, it is time I join the family business.
No, I am not happy.
No, I don't know who I am anymore.
No, I have no idea what to do with my life.
No, I do not want to get married.
No, I am not a clone of you.
No, what I want, what I like is totally different than what you want, what you like.
Yes, I need to be left alone to find myself.
Yes, I need to figure out my true identity on my own.
Yes, I am different, I am unique.
Yes, I love you too.


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