I wake up when the alarm sounds - 5.50am. I snooze until it strikes 6 and fling the doona off and push my feet into my hot purple and pink Grosby's. [Sesame Steet "monster style" slippers] Walking calmly to the shower, I place my pjs in a pile and step into the recess. I love this part of the day. The hot water stinging my back and cascading downward. I'm already clean but the "wake up" shower is a necessity to the beginning. I squeeze the liquid wash into my palms and begin to lather. I find my thoughts wondering to the things I need to do but try to stay focussed on just being me.

Just being in the moment. This is the only part of my day where I am on my own, uninterupted, protected and alone.

Twisting the hot and cold taps to my right and I step out. I take a good look in the mirror and appreciate what I see. I only glance at my face and reach through the windows to that part of me that can see me living my word. I say out loud what needs to be said and I believe it. I live from those words and make them my world. Every action of my day should reflect what I feel.

Styling my outfit in my mind I get dressed. I glance at my "thought for the day" and smile as it always speaks to me what I need to be reminded of. I step over the threshold and into the waiting world...


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