Up and Down

I once thought that life was a novel uncompleted until the end. That life kept flowing without bumps or ruts in the path. I was wrong and learned my lesson the hard way. My lesson doesn't begin with the beginning of me, but at the chapter of darknest and pain.
I was fourteen and thought I had the world. I had great parents. I have siblings, seven of them. You might have notice that I said I had parents. That's the truth.
My parents passed on September 1, 2006. A tree, a single oak tree, destroyed my world. By falling on the double wide trailer I called home it turned my world upside down. It crashed through the roog and settled on my parents. They died instantly, the parimedics said they had felt no pain. But that is what you want to hear. I was in the house when it happened. Only a foot away from its mighty branches that destroyed my life and gave me a new future.
I can never say that I thank that tree, but I can say that it saved my future. Before I had no chance of college. Before, I had been wraped in a blanket of security, but not knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life after college. I had no chance of being an American teen who moved on to college, but insurence has made that possible for me. Now I can pursue my interests. Interests that have pushed their way into my life. Interests that have followed me into the future after death.
Death can make or break you. I chose to let it make me.


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