Naked Corners Part 1

Stephen Hawking: An Emperor Without Words

Atheists literally believe in Nothing, so it would be hard to argue that they have Anything of great significance to say or write about. But for the most "faithful" among them, I noticed their hearts were recently warmed by the utterances of one of their "high priests" (a reference I'm aware makes them bristle, being so against religion, and rightly so. Better to be spiritual than religious. Organized religions have been, are and will be throwing wrenches into humanity's material, mental and spiritual evolution until they become DIS-organized. So there's where I do agree with atheists.)

That "high priest" (among many, add Vanity Fair's starchild Christopher Hitchens) is the brilliant British scientist and thinker Stephen Hawking. In his latest opus "The Grand Design" (presumably his) he announces to the world that God is dead (again, mind you!) and that we and the universe, known and unknown, were, are or will be mere accidents. Like the word "shit" on t-shirts, we were all just waiting to happen, created out of thin air -billions of white and colored bunnies pulled out of a magician's hat!

The quantum thinker in "The Grand Design" is convinced that he has finally figured it out for the atheists in one neat observation, and boy, can I imagine how relieved they are, for he confirms that:

"Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from NOTHING."

However, when I, a believer, read that, the author had sufficiently gotten my knickers in a twist and I wrote a piece titled "Stephen Hawking: An Emperor Without Words", printed in Vallarta Today, a pioneer English-speaking freebie distributed in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco on the tropical west coast of Mexico..

My title "An Emperor Without Words" wasn't alluding to the fact that the scientist is quadriplegic and speaks through a computer, which title would also fit (and I'm not being mean here), I was originally pairing "words" with "clothes", namely that (naked) emperors (writers) who believe in nothing have nothing to say.

Therefore, if I were privileged to have Hawking's ear, with all due respect to this great personage, I would have something to say:

Dear Stephen, how long do you think you can somehow delay the power of eternity with your quantum leaps in thought manifested through black-hole manifestos (aka "God Is Not Great" by Christopher Hitchens) which teach us that "Our Father Who Art In Heaven" is nothing but a gravity-sucking black hole of nothingness.?

(Naked Corners Part 2 "A Banana a Day on the Isle of Lesbos")


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