I Remember the 60's and I Was There...Really!

There was, Hendrix, Zepplin, Joe Cocker, Santana, BB KIng. . . Tim, Duane, Rod, Frankie, John.

There was, Hendrix, Zepplin, Joe Cocker, Santana, BB KIng. . . Tim, Duane, Rod, Frankie, John. Oh my yes, can't forget John! Let me clear this up a little, I didn't "do" anyone in the above mentioned rock groups, but they certainly DID me, with their music. I did do the other names mentioned starting with Tim, and a LOT more that I will never recall the names of. (Grammer go to hell)

I seemed to have money for most of the concerts. Hey, my memory isn't THAT good, besides, who really remembers that stuff? Anyway, for the last Hendrix concert, yes, I saw him three times. Two of those times he actually finished the concert! So, the last time I saw him I was scrounging for money. I turned in soda bottles for 5 Cents each.
I sold some of my clothes. I guess I had some of the money to start with. $7.50 was more than I had on hand.

On a wing and prayer the evening of the concert, I went to the auditorium early. Sometimes, people would -- I know you aren't going to believe this -- give away tickets or let them go for --LESS money. Get up off the floor and stop laughing!!

That night, there was someone selling tickets for less AND free LSD. Enough free LSD to put the whole auditorium in places they had never been. The auditorium held 8000 people. A bit of a problem developed when the promoters or whoever, oversold the building and some 500 hippie-freaks (a term of distinction to those of us who fit the description).....ummmm most likely stoned hippie freaks, were locked out of the concert.

Inside, those of us who took the little pill were getting more and more disoriented -- in a good way -- sorta and by the time Hendrix came on stage, we were ... one.

He had a magnetism that defies description. Although if you have ever seen a close-up film of his countenance as he is performing, you get some idea. If you have ever done the same on acid, you have an even better idea, (not that I'm promoting that, it was a ritual of the times). For the full effect of the influence he could have you really had to be there. Preferrably within 20 feet of the stage, which, I was.

Jimi and B B King do things with their face when they make love with their guitar to the audience. The sound comes from the instrument as a response to the skill of their hands and the sheer will evoked from the expression on their face. The same facial expressions that the woman beneath them would be making if the skills were being performed on them. In the rythm and force and the riffs on the nerve endings firing in spectacular pleasurable pain.

But I digress. It seemed to be great fun for the maintenance people at the auditorium to save electricity by not turning on the AC during all rock concerts. This backfired in a big way. Rebellious youth would turn on the fire sprinklers at the outer aisles. For those of us in front and center there was no relief.

I must say though, during the Zepplin concert, the effect was extremely erotic! Sweaty bodies slipping against each other by the thousands, while Zep did their thing and we ALL know what THAT is now don't we? Oh my God! It was totally bacchanal! Empty wine (very cheap wine) bottles on the floor, swollen jeans, and thousands of woman-smells mingled with pot smoke and slippery torsos. Did I mention it happened to be the hottest night of the year? July something or other. There was definitely a whole lotta love that night!

Jimi never made eye contact with me. He just made love to his guitar. When the concert was over, those of us who had just been mind-f**ked had no idea what had been going on outside. We walked out into WWIII.

It seems the disgruntled persons locked out, had destroyed a few cop cars and other property. This caused the police to bring out the tear gas and a battalion of protect and serves dressed in 1984 gear. We, on the other hand, were still somewhat zinged from the acid and whoa! Hey! you can walk through a cloud of tear gas on acid and not feel a thing! -- at first. When the tears come out, then you have an emotional response to make the tears
mean something... I guess.

Anyway, the Hendrix concert has been one of those 'memorable' mind tapes I play when challenged to prove that I really CAN remember the 60's. So there.


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