Seek wisdom and see what happens!

Wisdom - don't live life without it!

We as Christians should reflect on the following thought, "God gives peace to those who are quiet before him."

In his own interpretation, my husband so beautifully broke it down for me...from his heart, through his wisdom and in his own eloquently simple words. My husband reminds me that there's too much noise coming in and going out all around us. We're surrounded by so many unimportant things every waking moment. But in the quietness of the very moment when we choose to drown out all worldly ruckus, only then can we truly come to know God and His awesome presence and almighty powers.

I must admit, 2010 has been THE most challenging year of my entire life with demands for spiritual growth in my marriage. As a living testimony to our faith, my husband and I have decided to drown out the noise, minimize the clutter, throw out the garbage and purposefully avoid negative distractions from our focus. We do everything we can to keep our eyes on HIM. But for those who know or for those who don't know what we've had to endure this past year, you may never understand how daunting of a task it has been to silence everything and everyone who don't matter.

I picked up a book my husband has been reading by Larry Lea entitled, "Wisdom - Don't Live Life Without It." Ever since my husband has made wisdom one of his main prayer requests, so much has changed for us...and for the better. He teaches me to never lose focus on the mere fact that God is always working. He works through your pain, through your pleasure and most especially when you don't realize He is working. My husband's spiritual wisdom astonishes me. He has matured into this man of God with a razor-sharp focus on the cross. He tells me he doesn't have superpowers, although to many who know him, we all seem to think he does. But there's no such thing. He tells me he lives life searching for more wisdom, no matter how intense the situation may be. In his wisdom, faith surely follows with a peace that somehow surpasses his own understanding.

Through the gift of wisdom as Lea ingeniously explains in his book, we've learned the why's and who's when it comes to silencing the unnecessarily loud noise. People will always find something to gather and gossip about. People who don't care for you to succeed will somehow find a way to bring you down to their misery. The hypocrites will stop at nothing to destroy their neighbor and its only those who lack wisdom that go out of their way to despise their neighbors. It's so sad, but you see it as the truth in every social circle you may have. We're salaciously human...everything worldly is what we so naturally adhere to.

My husband and I have lived, loved, and lost in the most extreme sense this past year. When it was so much easier to let the resounding noise of senseless negativity and defeat overcome our hope in God's second chances and new beginnings, we chose to trample through the clutter with Christ-seeking hearts. When anyone would try to bring us down, we kept each other focused on what only God knows we need...not by anyone's expectations or by their worldly standards. We seem to come together holding hands taking the road less traveled.

With as much as God have given us to persevere through, my husband constantly reminds me that in every situation, good or bad, there should be JOY that follows. There is no sense for preparing ourselves for disappointment when looking at the treacherous road ahead. Once we silence the world, keep our eyes focused and make the effort to follow Christ in his teachings, only then can we truly know God in all of his glory.

I must say there were times I thought I deserved so much more than what I got. There were times when I thought what I was given was way too much to handle. But thankfully, my husband is always next to me reminding me that joy is soon to follow. Now look at where we are today. Never in a million years did I think our marriage would be so blessed. Never did I think we could have so much to celebrate than we do now. Despite the chaos of this year and having to force ourselves to drown out the noise, God was always working on something so great. I praise God for our prayers have been answered. I am 16 weeks PREGNANT and have never felt so strong, so loved and so convicted in my 28 years of life. God is giving us the miracle of a new life. We're going to be parents very, very soon. Praise God, we seek for spiritual wisdom to carry us through it all. Now, as soon-to-be parents, it's our calling to share what wisdom we've gained with our baby-to-be so that Baby can also know just how great God truly is.


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