If I had been here

Please, remember that you are loved.

I'm sorry that there's no interesting intro to this story. There's no background information as to who the people are or what the situations that lead up to this were. This will probably be the most poorly written story you will read on here. But, honestly, I just think that you won't care either way if you bother to read this at all.
This past week has been an amazing one for me. I've hung out with my friends at school, experienced the great thrill of being chased by "zombies", and just enjoyed being alive this week. Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that this has been one of the worst weeks for two of the people I hold closest to my heart: my brother and my best friend.
Apparently, my brother's girlfriend started cutting herself several weeks ago because of relationship problems they were having. Her mom just found out and told my brother. I think he's affected by this more than anything else in his life, because I know he blames himself. She's starting therapy soon, in case you were wondering...
But she fits into this story another way. My best friend's sister (and one of my good friends) tried to kill herself this week by taking an entire bottle of tylenol then drinking bleach. She's only alive because she was found slumped over on the stairs by her cousin who had stayed up late playing video games. She's in the hospital now, and apparently she seems happier than she has in a while...but one of the reasons she tried to kill herself was because of my brother's girlfriend, along with some of her friends, were making fun of her maliciously every day at school. These people are seniors in high school...I thought they were beyond that.
I don't really know how to react to this. I keep thinking that, if I had been here, I could have stopped her or hung out with her more or told her that she was loved, and that this one year wouldn't last forever. I know that's irrational. Whenever I was home, we did hang out...but now I feel like it wasn't enough. I should've texted more. I should've been a better friend. I should have done a million things that I didn't see to be important before I found out that she was willing to throw her whole life away...
But I wasn't here. I was almost two hours away at school, having fun with my college friends while she figured that suicide was a good option for her problems. I wasn't assuming that I would possibly never see someone again that I really care about...and I feel like a horrible person for that.
I don't know if you care about this story, these people, or myself. I can only assume that you do, because when I read these stories, I find myself nearly in tears every time. But even if you don't, I want to let you know that you are loved by someone. I don't know you, and I probably never will. But someone knows you, and they love you, and they would be crying if they learned that you had tried to kill yourself much like I am crying as I write this...
So please, remember that you are loved.


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