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I Want This to Work!

I don't have a computer. What I do have is WebTV. WebTV isn't so bad even with it's limitations.It runs through my phone line and is hooked up to my TV which means I don't have to squint in front of a tiny computer screen. Wonderful. Fabulous. However, at times it really messes me up because I'll spend an hour typing only to find out I'm unable to click on the send button or else it clicks on but refuses to acknowledge whatever it is I want it to acknowledge. So. Because I care deeply about my Smith Mag submission(s) and I have a lot to share with the world, there is no way in hell I'm going to spend a few hours writing my heart out only to discover I can't send it because once again WebTV has put up a wall. Once I know for sure that WebTV is compatible with the Smith Mag site, I will proceed. Once I've established the status of my submission via WebTV and everything seems to be fine, I've never experienced the system changing it's mind mid submission! So if you recieve this e-mail and it appears to be fine, please let it post so I can see it and then I'll delete it myself once I'm ready to start my submission process, ok? Don't be mad! Blame Bill Gates or whoever it is that creates these vast systems because when I tell you I couldn't care less about anything technological beyond the basics, which for me are surfing and e-mail, I'm being 100% serious! Oy vey, I'll get it figured out soon!


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