Missing You

Drugs. Love. Him

I lie there...the frozen floorboards sending jolts through my spine. The darkness is creeping up on my slowly. I feel the faces staring at me, their cold, harsh eyes piercing mine like arrows cutting through the air.

My heart started to thud vigorously, pounding on my chest...the drugs are finally kicking in. The darkness is getting nearer, i feel the light tingles on my toes as the cold air lingers on my pale skin.

My eyes wander down to my arms, the skinny fragile bones protruding my skin, my bony fingers gripping tightly on the empty, white prescription bottle, the lid lying inches away from me.

I feel the darkness drawing near, my pulse quickens as I start to panic, where is everyone? Have the forgotten about me? I feel my eyelids grow heavier, my body started to relax as I heard the harsh thud of the bottle banging against the floor.

I manage to croak, but my chest started to get heavier, I panic. Then the last thing I remember was his face. His eyes staring desperately into mine. I feel his strong arms grip onto my shoulders, your shaking me, your screams only sounding like a blur in my deafened ears.

It's too late. I'm gone.


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