AxeMan Who Will be 70 in the Year 2010 Learns Basic math

Pops was no coward

AxeMan was born in the interim between Hitler storming the Sudetetland and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In 1948, when AxeMan was 8, he and his pals learned how to figure out batting averages. You get up 10 times and you get 3 hits. So you divide 3 by 10 -- voila! .300. Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, so on and so forth. It also helped him understand why his pops never got drafted to go to Korea (1950-1953). If his old man was born in 1907, he was 43 when the 'police action' started. So pops was no coward, as Axeman had feared, although he did have questions about WWII since his father was 33 when the war started, and coincidently when AxeMan was born.


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