Surviving Darkness

There is a frightening place known simply as darkness--it squeezes out hope, destroys dreams, and attracts all the wrong elements into our lives.

I was fast approaching the crossroads of life and had come no further at the age of thirty-five than I had at twenty-eight. Well, except that I had, through the school of experience, a little more knowledge concerning life. Starting over at thirty-five, with very little faith to boot, I wondered if I would ever realize my potential and move beyond the pitiful state I was in. Circumstances of the disastrous sort had brought me to my knees and forced me to crawl back to the city of my birth--the place I believed the end of me resided just around the corner.


I was a graduate student at Mercer University when I was arrested. After months of being out on bond, the court revoked it, and I was incarcerated once again. While incarcerated, the state-appointed attorney that was assigned to my case, came back with the same plea offer he had when I was out on bond. Now, being in a different place, where I allowed fear to overtake me, I finally accepted. My career was ruined, and on top of that, I was given ten months in a detention center and ten years probation. It was during this time I began to write my life story. I was in a very dark place, feeling suicidal. The only way I felt I could maintain my sanity was to put my thoughts on paper.


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