Do you ever...

Sometimes love is all we need

Ever get the feeling that you are just going to be lonely till you find that right person? That just having the most amazing friends and family just isn't enough sometimes. That you feel lonely even though there are so many people in your life that love you no matter what happens to you in life. I wonder, does that feeling ever go away? Do those feelings make you hold onto people that came and went? Does the feeling of loneliness make you pick the guy or girl that just happens to be around rather than wait till the right person picks you up?

We shouldn't have to wait around for love to pick us up off the ground. We should be strong by ourselves. But just sometimes it's nice to have someone there. To know that you can find comfort in your better half and know that they will always be there. They won't ever walk out on you ever. That's the feeling that I want. That feeling of love that will never vanish even when you are looking too hard in the wrong places.


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