A Ship that Comes and Goes

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

What do you call the people that you see everyday or people that you talk to everyday? Is there a difference between the people that you will constantly talk to and the ones that you just say hi to walking down the hallway? Do you label them friends or just people that you happen to go to the same school with, like acquaintances?

When I think back to my earlier years, one of the first memories that come to mind is the moment I made my first batch of friends. Now, I don’t exactly remember the how or the why for that matter but I definitely do know I was in kindergarten. Kind of cliché, I know, but isn’t that where most long and short friendships begin?

Anyway, as I grew older most of those friends moved on or away but some of them are still people that to this day, I’m close to. I’d like to think I lucked out with them.

See, as most of us may already know, friendships are a very tricky thing that don’t ever change. Friends can build us up, tear us down, teach us something new, listen to us, love us, and even guide us at times. In the beginning, it almost seems perfect but along the way things change, people change and eventually you grow apart. Now does that make it any easier? Not necessarily. I mean like any relationship there is so much that needs to go into it them in order to function; so much trust, honesty, respect, and love. But unlike any other relationship, friends are a constant, ever changing or remaining. We meet, gain and lose them at any and every point in our lives. In some cases the loss is minor; just some space added between you two. But when you come across a friend that becomes more like family and the relationships sinks in and then things take a turn and you lose a part of yourself and a special part of the family you’ve created outside of your own. Especially when you’ve put so much time and dedication into a friendship that hits rock bottom too fast too soon. We can convince ourselves that we don’t care, letting the anger take it’s place but when it’s all said and done and you are left with time to reflect, you realize that there is no making up. It’s just simply a goodbye.

Now don’t get me wrong not every friendship is destined for failure. Trust me, they’re not set up to fall apart every single time, but they do take a lot of hard work and dedication. This makes it sound like a chore, but we really take some friendships for granted. A lesson that my very best friends have taught me, they are friends that I hold near and dear to my heart and ones that I wouldn’t trade in for anything in the world. Reality is; it’s not always happy times. You do hit those bumps and you do have fights that seem like they can go on forever but no one said it’d be easy and when you love someone, disagreements are bound to happen. What matters is working on getting past it, the both of you. Realizing that the friendship is far too important to let the little things get in the way. Communicating with each other consistently, being honest and most of all being there.

See, you can put up walls to keep some out. Sometimes, you don’t know it, but you put up those walls to see who cares enough to break them down. Sometimes you figure it out and the friendship grows stronger, other times you keep hitting the same dead end and finally you decide to let go. There is never a guarantee but if you’re lucky, you can come across some people that can really change your life and if you’re even luckier, you can call those people your friends, maybe best friends even.


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