Being put in hell by 4 year olds

Instead of having my five year old class for the week at work I was transfered to the 4 year olds. Let me tell you its a hell. Who knew that one year can make a difference in a child. But one child has caught my coscience. His name is Sean. Now Sean has ADHD and barely registers anything in his mind when someone tells him something. Sean's mom apparently has a rewstraing order on him. There fore he lives with his aunt, who apparently to all co-workers is a moron. Sean's aunt was well informed that Sean doesn't listen or behave. She reportidly told us to threaten Sean with Hasham (jewish god) saying that he won't give Sean play dough. She also told us to threaten Sean with taking him to the doctors and give him a needle to is tounge. Also durring nap time to make Sean sleep we have to tell him to suck his thumb and close his eyes. As my teacher told me this I was shocked. Why would one's guardian scar a kid's child hood with god? I thought this was completely insane. My teacher has tried these threats but of course they didn't work. Today I threaten Sean with pain. Not physical pain but descibing a situation. For example today Sean decides to dance in his seat when everyone was sitting waitting for luch. I grabbed his hands put them on the table and said, "Sean do you want me to staple your hands to the table? Its going to hurt 100x worse then needle to your tounge. Do you want me to staple your hands Sean?" He simply replied with a no and sat quietly the rest of the time. I believe Sean can be handled but he acts this way because he doesn;t understand what his "mom" (he calls his aunt mom.) is doing to him. Honestly Sean's smart, he just doesn't put puzzles together.


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