God Had a Plan

God Had a Plan

When I woke up the other morning I had no idea what I was truly in store for that day. It was, of course a school day and I needed to get to work on time.
As the morning moved along and the kids got ready for school it became noticeable that my little guy, Jacob, was not feeling well. I had heard him during the night with a few croupy coughs and praying he wouldn’t wake up, listened to see if it continued. It didn’t and we both went back to sleep. But at seven o’clock a.m. it was obvious that Jake was not going to school. He was coughing, felt warm, and his eyes look glazed. Better to keep him home than to have to leave work to go pick him up.
Wow, I was thinking, “No big deal. I’ll get the other two off to the bus and since he wasn’t going to be waiting at the bus stop, I could leave the big kids off at the stop and get an earlier start.” (I always wait for the bus to make sure they, Jake, gets on). There are only 13 kids at the bus stop, three are mine, and at any time there are three or four mothers waiting for the one bus to pick them up, but today I felt confident that I didn’t need to wait with the older two and so left them to take Jake to my sisters house where my mom was already babysitting my nephews.
No problem. Not having to wait for the bus meant I had an extra five to ten minutes. I could get a cup of coffee. I already had a cup of coffee from home. That just never tastes the same. I could get my special, Venti, fat-free, raspberry mocha at Starbucks. I deserved it after all. I hadn’t had one in days and now with ten extra minutes I could easily dash through the line, pick up the much deserved java, and get Jake to my sisters. It was the perfect plan.
As we drove off, Jake started to complain about his stomach. Like any good mother, I assured him he was fine, his stomach didn’t hurt. We drove on and as I pulled into the parking lot, I realized that the line to the drive-up window wasn’t too long and since Jake was still in his pajamas I didn’t want to have to take him out of the car to go into the Starbucks. I got in line. That was my first mistake. My second was not taking Jake serious about his stomach. I was only four cars form the window, two from ordering, how bad could it be? I obviously was delusional that morning.
As soon as I pulled in, two other cars pulled in behind me. I was, for all intents and purposes, trapped. The line moved and so did Jake. He now had to be sick or so he thought. I frantically started to search around the car for anything. I found my travel coffee mug from home. I emptied the coffee that I already had brought from home on the tar driveway creating a mocha puddle of creamy colored coffee. We pulled forward, three more cars to go. Jake informed me he was not going to get sick. He did, however, need to poop, really bad. Are you kidding? What was I going to do?
He was in pain and obviously needed to go so bad that he was beginning to cry. I began to panic just a little myself. There was no way I could have him poop his pants in the back seat of my car. Nonetheless, I frantically began looking around my car again. I spied a grocery bag on the floor in front of Jake under his backpack. Without really thinking, I had Jake pull down his pants and sit on the plastic bag holding on to the handles in front and backside of him. I did not stop to think what this must look like to the 4X4 truck behind me in the drive through line, nor did I miss a beat when I had to pull up to the window to pay for my drink. I calmly handed my credit card to the young girl working while my son sat on a plastic bag with his pants around his ankles in the backseat of my car desperately needing to poop. He did have his pillow lying over his lap so the girl at the drive-up window really was none the wiser. I paid for my coffee, pulled forward and out of the drive-through line into a parking space on the outskirts of the parking lot.
Just in time. Jake was standing up behind the passenger seat, not sure of what he wanted to do versus what he needed to do. I ran around the passenger side of the car and was able to catch the poop in the plastic bag just as he was starting to pass it. We never would have made it into Starbucks and he couldn’t have held it longer to get to my sisters. Had I put him on the bus, this all would have happened to him on the way to school. As frantic as I was to be in the situation, it was obvious that God had a plan by having him stay home that day so that he would not have had this happen to him on the bus that morning.


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