The Phone Call

Some weeks ago, a Monday night transpired as most Monday nights for my family and me; a late dinner for my husband, myself and our youngest daughter. Just the three of us and, once again, the absence of our twenty year old twin daughters was palpable. After a few evening chores we settled down to a little television and by 10 both my husband and daughter had retired for the evening as the cat slept soundly in his basket.

I sat alone in my den, thinking how quiet this all too big house sounded sometimes, and how much I missed my twins; gone for days at a time for their respective college internships. I felt slightly comforted by silently reiterating to myself that they were out in the world, doing great things, but sometimes I allude myself because in the quiet of the night, their absence screams oh so loudly. Before long, I decided to retire for the night as well-- no use sitting alone with my thoughts. As I went about the weary task of drawing the drapes and shutting off the remaining lights, the silence was suddenly broken by the shrill ringing of the telephone. Late night phone calls always make me a bit nervous, so I anxiously grabbed the phone.

I could hear the faint whisper of one of my twin daughters, saying "Mom, mom-- listen." I could at once tell she was in some crowded place, perhaps a venue, listening to music. In the next instant, it was Rilo Kiley singing 'I Never', one of my all time favorite songs! My daughter excitedly held up her phone through the entire song so I could hear and listen to it with her. Later on, she told me she had purchased the tickets that day for herself and her twin sister, but didn't tell me when we spoke earlier in the day, wanting to totally surprise me!!

As I went to bed a short time later, I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of joy, knowing that even though my daughters are not here with me all the time any more, I AM with them. In a small dose, I realized that after a lifetime of love, we are all with each other even if we don't always physically sit together in the same room. Love transcends time and distance and can always find it's way back to you--even if it's in the mere form of a telephone call from a distant late night concert.


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