AxeMan Who Will be 70 in the Year 2010

Born on brown paper bags

AxeMan is an anthropomorphized alter-ego. He is who he was and is, a somewhat fictionalized me, not an avatar looking to be a different him. He is a myth-busting steelhead drawing references to art and political venues from the late 1940s through the early 2000's. He/we bounce along from the McCarthy era to the Eisenhower/Stevenson/Mad years to the to the Kennedy saga to the Viet Nam and Anti Viet Nam epoch followed by an on again, off again relationship with the Labor movement and the Art World.


AxeMan was born on a brown paper bag. Actually several bags taped together. On a cold and rainy May day in Wellfleet, MA in a rented cottage, he had only a Zig marker to draw with. And thus it began. The actual story of how he "came alive" will follow shortly.


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