Me :)

I feel unwanted. Like i wasn't meant to be here. I love so many and I hate so few. I'm misunderstood. The man I love loves another girl. I think that people lable me. I'm real and they are fake. I hate being in the middle of drama. Love the sky. Miss the love. I want to cut myself. I love the pain. My heart will heal one day. I hope. I don't normally use proper gramar. I always think about what life would be like with him. People at my school think I'm gay. I want to be loved. No one is near me. This is hard for me to admit. I love to be asleep....I always think of you. I try to make everyone happy before myself. I let my guard down to easily. I love the night sky. I don't wanna end up alone. I miss my older brothers deeply. I guess thats pretty much me


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