''A world removed''

Yes,it indeed was a world removed,not unlike the Walton's on thier own walton mountain.Although we didn't take all night just to say goodnight.We lived a simple life, it involved hard work and constant diligence, but it was a very satisfying exsistance.At this particular time i was four years old, i still retain many clear and good memories of the place and time.It was at my grandparents place just outside of pine bluff-arkansas.It was out in the boonies just off sulpher springs road.. the road down to the house was a rutted dirt road, you basicly set your wheels into the ruts and gave it the gas and like a slot car you were there. we had a underground spring fed water well that we drew our water from, which tasted much better than most bottled water.there was a big old hootowl barn, out near the house was a half buried log smokehouse. on those 85 acres was also a fruit tree orchard. we raised and slughtered our own livestock. off up in the woods was a clearing where we went to cut our firewood. we had an old flywheel tractor that we hooked up tour woodwagon which was an old buckboard bed set on model a chasis and wheels. there was special sideboards made for it. we threw our woodcutting gear water and lunch into it and spent the day cutting wood. now my grandparents were not big on modern appliances there in the house grandma had a wood burning cookstove, lanterns, there was a peg on the wall in the kitchen where the water pail was hung along with the drinking dipper. since we were surrounded by deep woods me and my brother would often go across the road exploreing in those woods, we would stay in close tothe house though. at night out there in those same woods there were panthers that would scream and sound just like a child or woman in trouble . it made you want to go out there and try to help them but that was just thier way of getting you out there so they could jump you. it has happened just that way more than once.usually a couple of shots from the shotgun would settle them down. now grandma also had a sizeable vegetable garden, she also canned everything in sight.in a big fire blakened iron kettle i watched her make lye soap. we took our bathes in washtub, it was always good to first.we didnt have laptops, computers, all we had was an old black and white tv that got two channels out of pine bluff, but that was the channels where the lone ranger and superman came on,thats all we cared about.way on down the road near the main hyway was our nieghbor who was rich because they had a big plantation type of house with the white columns and circle drive etc. the probally thought we were the poorest creatures in the world but we were rich in many ways.never did i dream that one day i would be living like those rich folks down the road. now with me and my wifes combined income we havewe have such modern conviences and more that back then only the rich could afford.and like many others we too take them for granted everyday.Our children unlike us have never went to bed hungry, if they ever did it was thier choice.i look back at my dads income and i wonder how ever survived but he did the best with what he had to do with.there is indeed a huge differance between this world and that one. even in these uncertain times, i know from experiance and teaching that i am a survivor and a thankful one at that.sometimes we have to look back at the past to gain strength to plow through an uncertain future.there is one qoute that rings true today and forever'' when good men do nothing, evil will triumph''i know that isnt in entirety but it is the main message.Values that are worth retaining are not taught in vain just to be heard only but doing everyday what is right by your family, friends, and nieghbors, and our fellow human beings. May God bless you and your family more so than he has mine.


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