''The simple thing''

loving memories

Letter to my wife:

Dear —

Last night I was lost in a world that I hardly ever see, except when I am with you. When we embraced our very spirits, beings, souls melded, blended, intertwined together. Yes, you remember, I know, even after all this time, my daily situations cannot overcome it. As I lay down to sleep at night, with my window cracked open to allow the easing of a gentle breeze, coming in also on the reflection of the moonlight is a reminder of how your love has illuminated my heart, my very inner being with this wondrous thing that tells me to the depths of all that is me, “I am love, embrace me, never let me go, i am the ultimate energy source that feeds your very soul.”

It must be true, because I have never had such a feeling as this before. When you leave the room, a part of me leaves, when you enter the place wherever I am at, I could have my back turned, then know immediately that you are there. That is the connection that is there, the connection that I do not want ever to be broken. Without words, we both know what each other is thinking, what each other’s needs are. I know that what we have is beyond price, yet I know too that it is fragile, that it must, must be nurtured in order to bloom into the most beautiful flower in God’s flower garden. Something that will catch his eye, and he will say, “Yes, it is good, may it be forever!”

I sometimes wonder if I am in a dream; if so, please do not wake me. As if we were in a dance to a music that moves us as one, because we were written for one another. I am honored to get the first, ongoing, and last dance with you. Kingdoms come, kingdoms go, night follows day, may our coming and goings never be separate, but together everlasting. And now for the simple thing ... I love you.


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