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If there’s one topic that bores and irritates me enough to want to viciously hurl dried out and grizzled breasts (not mine… the chicken’s) against the wall… it’s COOKING.

Again, I’m the odd-woman out who can’t find a remedy for the “I Gotta Cook Again Blues.” Okay, eating out is a given. But it’s a bit embarrassing to attempt to do it three times a day.

My husband of almost forty years and my three grown boys have gotten used to my ‘absolutely no desire to emulate Paula Deen or Rachael Ray’ bad attitude. To be Read more

I have lived for a number of years, searching for just that right job. I have done almost everything, from waitressing, to staff writer for a newspaper.

Now, I found my drive...what thrills me...what motivates me.

As a result, I am now a published author. I still can't believe it. I knew I had stories in me, but little did I realize those stories would come bubbling up at the ripe age of 41. It's been ten years now, and my debut novel, SHADOW WALK: THE GATHERING, has been published.


I know if Read more

I write micro-fiction or flash or whatever you want to call them, these very short stories that must mean I'm clever. It's like being a producer, like Pet Sounds or something, bits and pieces and layers, one easy thing at a time all steady and manic. Grace stays up with me and sometimes I think it's strange that I have a relationship with something that can walk across my mantle and fit behind the hutch. My dog's name is Scout for his long Spaniel fringes and we fall asleep to the Beach Boys every night before The Sloop John B.

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