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It was mid-morning on the first crisp cold day of October, the sort of fall day when one can feel the melancholy of winter suffocating the air, when I stood on an overlook of the Snake River Canyon, just a few hundred feet from the Perrine Bridge. I had walked to the end of the walking-trail to the last overlook, with the belief it was the most secluded and there would be less of a chance someone would stop me. I imagined that jumping would feel like flying until I hit the ground at which point would come the release Read more

I get lost. I get lost a lot. Two days ago, I spent over an hour walking around the same four blocks in my neighborhood, trying to find the nail salon that I had been to at least half a dozen times before. I have no real visual memory. Often, I get off the subway in New York, and feel, for a moment, that I am in the most foreign of places, no matter how many times I have gotten off at that same subway stop. If someone saw me walking around the same four square blocks over Read more

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