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Far be it for me to disagree with Buddha, but I must question his accuracy when it comes to his notion that “if you want to learn about love, start with plants and animals, they’re easier,” because if that is the truth I fear I’m destined to die a spinster. The attempt to give myself a green thumb came on the heels of a particularly bad breakup. Happening upon Buddha’s quote absolved me of my latest perceived failure and convinced me that the error of my ways lay in the fact that I was ficus-less, not in my tendency to Read more

To make a long story short, my 95 year old mother was suffering from cancer. I lost my job in September, 2007 and started going over to take care of my mom and keep her home clean. That went on for almost 3 weeks and then the craziness happened. It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2007. Two of my brothers had been in town to see her and have Thanksgiving dinner with us. They left on the Friday after Thanksgiving, to my mom’s disappointment. That Friday evening we went over to get her Read more

I write micro-fiction or flash or whatever you want to call them, these very short stories that must mean I'm clever. It's like being a producer, like Pet Sounds or something, bits and pieces and layers, one easy thing at a time all steady and manic. Grace stays up with me and sometimes I think it's strange that I have a relationship with something that can walk across my mantle and fit behind the hutch. My dog's name is Scout for his long Spaniel fringes and we fall asleep to the Beach Boys every night before The Sloop John B.

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