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It’s not as if I’m a trembling flower. In all aspects of my life, I am for the most part pretty nonplussed in the face of a challenge. If anything, a fear is generally an excuse to exercise my curiosity. What’s it like to skydive? I don’t know—let’s try! How about righting a kayak while still in it, upside down, in the water? Why, what a novel idea! Who cares if I’m a poor swimmer? But baking? All of the usual symptoms of anxiety set in: the clammy hands, the stumbling, the cold, rank perspiration.

I blame my Read more

My mother worked at a hamburger stand on the outskirts of an East Texas town that nobody ever heard of. Daddy owned the place. It was a small, white box of a building with a screen door imprinted with the words: “Rainbo is good bread.” Built in the days before drive-thru windows were commonplace, customers parked out front and went inside to place their orders at the counter where my mother would sweetly ask, “Can I ‘hep’ you?” The ‘L’ in help was always conspicuously absent.

I can still see my mother frying ground beef patties on the large, Read more



Where am I?

Oh yeah. On my mom's couch.

Been here for a few nights now.

She's too nice to tell me she'd rather I wasn't in her house, too kind to tell me to get off my depressed ass and get a job, too lonely to kick me out in the warm Georgia summer.

I look desperately on about a dozen sites advertising their ability to find me a job. Each job found is looking for a college degree or relevant work experience.

I know that Read more

It was mid-morning on the first crisp cold day of October, the sort of fall day when one can feel the melancholy of winter suffocating the air, when I stood on an overlook of the Snake River Canyon, just a few hundred feet from the Perrine Bridge. I had walked to the end of the walking-trail to the last overlook, with the belief it was the most secluded and there would be less of a chance someone would stop me. I imagined that jumping would feel like flying until I hit the ground at which point would come the release Read more

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