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The old phonograph played Stars and Stripes as we schoolchildren marched out to Air Raid Drill. Nobody thought for one serious moment that the Japanese would invade the Queensland coast but Mr. Bytheway, our headmaster, had his instructions from the Department of Education and so march we did, to John Sousa, the flutes all a-twiddle. It all seemed very cheerful, appropriate too, since Queensland was by then teeming with American servicemen.

Inside the raw red earth trenches we were instructed about keeping our heads down. It was all a great giggle. In the rainy season Read more

The first time I saw the pig, it was just a glimpse from the corner of my eye as I sped through the GOKISO intersection on my bike, but the second time, I was walking and got a good look at it. I guessed it was a Great Northern gelding. In high school, I had worked on a pig farm and of all the bad jobs I have had in my life, the pig farm was the worst. Still I could recognize a pig when I saw one which just goes to show that nothing you learn is ever wasted. Read more

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