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The world today has become a very gay place. Now a person can take the word gay in two different ways -- gay as in happy, or gay as in homosexuality. Well today we’re talking about homosexuals. Okay, lets say it all together now h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-s. Gay men can be stratified into 4 basic categories; masculine, feminine, flamboyant, and bi-curious. Now this paper might seem very discriminatory, but as a gay man, I’ve just noticed these recurring patterns in the gay community, and I feel I can talk about these things from an insider’s perspective.

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The Spike

It was the usual Sunday Brunch at the Spike, with incredible omelets, poached eggs in Bearnaise sauce, French toast to die for, and your latte always made to perfection.

I just love it when gorgeous gay men enjoy cooking to perfection, even if only once a week. Normally the Spike is a gay leather club in New York City, that ranges from homey local neighborhood hangout to leather night nipple clamping sexatorium. This is obviously before the all encompassing Aids epidemic that left very few standing at the Spike anymore.

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