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I’ve had a long-standing Thursday night chess date with 85 year-old MJ for close to two years now that has evolved into nights at the symphony, birthdays, brunches at Lily’s, and shopping excursions. She likes to go to Loehmann’s where she rips through the Back Room racks like a bride at a Filene’s gown sale, hanging designer by designer from her walker (or from me). The last time we went, I was so buried in dresses that I had to ask someone’s stray little boy to open the bathroom door for her. He was all ‘yes ma’am’ and waited patiently Read more

When I was a kid my favorite holiday was Valentines day. It was a time class parties featuring chocolate cupcakes with little red hearts sprinkled on the frosting and rules like "give everyone a card." I was the luckiest girl in the world because my mom believed the cardboard pack of 32 tiny valentines were cheap and not worthy of my classmates. Instead she bought me the smaller packs of real Hallmark cards. complete with postable envelopes. They seemed so elegant and grown up to me. I loved writing out each card and addressing each Read more

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