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The wonderful thing about having a dog is that they love you unconditionally. Skippy, my dog was my best friend. No matter what, she believed in me. I cannot count the times I buried myself in her welcoming mane of fur, a mixture of snot and tears cascading down my face. Skippy was only too happy to lick that all up for me. Somehow, that always me feel better. Now years later as an adult , when I am feeling poorly, I remember my best friends tongue on my face and know that no matter how wonderful they make Kleenexes, Read more

Most days I can't remember her, though I have lived far more years as That Woman than This Woman.

And then I bump into someone who knew me Before. And I see her eyes whirl in her head, and dart to the dog at my feet.

"YOU have a dog?"



It isn't quite the same narrative as getting sober, or losing weight. That story is pretty clear. You put down the substance or the activity that was ruining your life, and then your life Read more

I have to say right off that I’m not much of a dog person.
It’s not that I don’t like dogs. I just feel uneasy when I’m around them and I’m not sure where this stems from. I was never attacked or chased down by dogs as a child, never had any negative experience at all really. But when I encounter one, particularly a dog whose head is at groin level or a breed with an unfortunate killer reputation, I sense a deeply inbred intelligence, a yearning to dominate and challenge. There’s an overwhelming feeling of being observed with Read more

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