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"Yo man. Let me get this straight. You teach five hours a week and they pay you 50 G's?"

It wasn't a rhetorical question. Calvin, who as far I know answers only to "Hot Rod," was expecting an answer, and I wasn't sure what to say – especially since I was pretty sure that Hot Rod didn't even know that I don't teach in the summers.

"Dawg, I'm in the classroom five hours, but I spend a lot more time preparing for class. It's just like out here, baby (I shove the basketball into the pit of his Read more

The truths of college: You'll spend hours upon hours studying while retaining absolutely nothing. Sleep is no longer a word in your vocabulary. Textbooks will set you back between two-hundred and eight-hundred dollars (if you're lucky). Dorm rooms are small, cramped, claustrophobia-inducing "living" spaces meant to keep the light of day out and all your frustration in. You will develop an unhealthy relationship with the local coffee shop. Ramen noodles are your one and only defense against weekend hunger cravings. There are not enough library hours in the world to keep you on task and sane at the same time. Read more

I wake up with a start before the alarm goes off and, being that it has not sounded yet, I attempt to roll over and resume my often-haunted dreams. After what feels like forever, finally accepting that sleep is not coming, I grab my phone. Open it. 8:24am. Jesus.
After watching a morning talk-show I crawl out of bed; start my morning routine an hour before any other day. 10:04. What do people do when they are awake this early? I settle on beginning the book I purchased the night before. It’s about cancer; more precisely, watching parents die of Read more

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