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My parents tell me to re-think returning to work. I don't re-think it, and two weeks later I’m standing at the foot of the store's stairwell and shouting that I am clearly "the only one 'working' here," and that I have "had it with you people." Then I try to throw a vacuum cleaner up half a flight of stairs, and, when I fail and the hose of the vacuum gets jammed in between the second and third steps, I drop it and storm out of the store. I return with the required 'resignation notice' written in cursive on a Read more

When I wake up, the only wreath in the house is one of cigarette and marijuana smoke that lazily curls around the naked bulb in the ceiling of our studio apartment. I climb out of the top bunk of the bed I share with my younger brother. It's hard to escape the view of anyone in a space that small. My brother and my father are sitting on the floor. My brother talks animatedly of nothing, spewing out words that fill the air as surely as my father's smoke. My father sits in a full lotus, wearing a pink ruffled Read more

This is a story about heartbreak. Well, not specifically heartbreak itself, but that sinking feeling when you look across the room, and you realize, in that split second, that he's not looking at you, he's not smiling at you, hell, you're not even in the picture. You're not going home with him tonight. You're just some woman, with a huge crush, who he's sort-of known for two years, and suddenly you're feeling very small, and very much like you would like to jump up, tear out of said room, and run down the street screaming and sobbing at the top Read more

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