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If there’s one topic that bores and irritates me enough to want to viciously hurl dried out and grizzled breasts (not mine… the chicken’s) against the wall… it’s COOKING.

Again, I’m the odd-woman out who can’t find a remedy for the “I Gotta Cook Again Blues.” Okay, eating out is a given. But it’s a bit embarrassing to attempt to do it three times a day.

My husband of almost forty years and my three grown boys have gotten used to my ‘absolutely no desire to emulate Paula Deen or Rachael Ray’ bad attitude. To be Read more

When I woke up the other morning I had no idea what I was truly in store for that day. It was, of course a school day and I needed to get to work on time.
As the morning moved along and the kids got ready for school it became noticeable that my little guy, Jacob, was not feeling well. I had heard him during the night with a few croupy coughs and praying he wouldn’t wake up, listened to see if it continued. It didn’t and we both went back to sleep. But at seven o’clock a.m. it was Read more

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