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First I led the life that I thought my parents wanted me to have. Then when my kids were born, in my late thirties, and I was a parent, I left that life behind and began anew. I am living proof that it is never to late to live the life you dreamed or the life you were meant to have.

From the time I was little, I wanted to be an artist. I loved making things, drawing things, painting things. When I grew up, I wanted to be an artist. Which is why it makes no sense that Read more

My cousin Megan and I were not ideal playmates. We both loved Barbie dolls but for different reasons. She liked creating the houses. She rearranged furniture for hours, which didn’t hold any appeal to me. I took the time to create names and back stories for my characters.
I had modeled my Barbie family after my mother’s soap operas, which always included a wealthy family and their less affluent neighbors. I called them the Evergreen family. The father was the governor of the town. (Knowledge of the political structure was not my strong point.) Read more

I'm a fraud, a sham even. I'm a confusing recipe with way too many ingredients but I have to trust that the chef knows what he's doing. Basically I'm an American-faker. I don't belong here, in southern Memphis Tennessee, but fate has kicked my life all over the globe and someone in the heavens decided I belonged here... thus is life, right? But if I were to try to sort through the disarray I would probably start in Italy, when I spent my seven year old summers breathing freedom, tasting sweat, "ouch"ing bee stings, and running on bare feet. That's Read more

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